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Bellevue Acupuncture 
Hope Spring Acupuncture Bellevue

Hope Spring Acupuncture Lobby

Hope Spring Acupuncture Bellevue: 
13401 Bel-Red Rd A12, Bellevue, WA 98005
Hours:  9am-5pm Tuesday - Saturday

Welcome to Hope Spring Acupuncture in Bellevue, WA, where traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine meets modern wellness. Since 2005, David Lin has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Bellevue, Seattle & the Greater Eastside.  Our reputation is built on a foundation of expertise and compassion. Led by David Lin, our team of acupuncture practitioners have extensive training, expertise and experience in their respective disciplines.  Our team and the culture at Hope Spring is also about being deeply committed to holistic care, offering profound insights into individual health and unique disorders.  With years of experience in successfully addressing even the most challenging health issues, we hold an unwavering dedication to patient well-being, making us the preferred choice for most of our clients, who often come to us through word-of-mouth referrals.

Bellevue Acupuncture
Bellevue & Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic in Bellevue, WA
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Conditions we address include:

° Pain Relief and management Acupuncture – which might include neck, back or shoulder pain, acute pain from an auto accident, sport or work injury, or chronic pain from past injuries or chronic underlying conditions.

° Weight Loss Acupuncture Bellevue – acupuncture is the missing piece to your weight loss journey. It decreases the appetite while improving your metabolism and overall health

° Acupuncture for infertility and IVF/IUI enhancement - It's known to improve the hormones and sperm & egg quality 

° Acupuncture during Pregnancy-  threatened miscarriage, morning sickness, hormonal imbalance, breech fetal position, labor preparation (induction)

° Women's Health -  All ages - Menstrual Issues, Peri-Menopause, PCOS, Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum

° Facial Acupuncture - Cosmetic acupuncture, facial acupuncture, facial rejuvenation acupuncture and acupuncture for reducing fine lines and wrinkles

° Bels Palsy-  improving fast and effective healing and recovery especially treated within the first 72 hours

° Insomnia - acupuncture is effective in improving sleep quality whether from stress and hormonal imbalance

° Athletic Performance Acupuncture - Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Acupuncture! Enhance performance, accelerate recovery

* Massage:  we provide massage when as a complimentary approach to acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments.  

* Moxibustion:  one of the most powerful treatments in Chinese medicine and acupuncture

We also provide acupuncture and treatment for a variety of other conditions including general anxiety and stress, digestive disorders, depression, autoimmune, allergies & asthma, arthritis, post-stroke rehab, and high blood pressure. 


At Hope Spring we provide a professional, clean, warm and inviting environment at affordable rates, and our team of practitioners brings a wealth of knowledge and deep experience in the fields of acupuncture and Chinese and herbal medicine to confront, address and relieve underlying conditions in the mind and body that are at the foundation of health. 

New to Acupuncture?  Acupunture Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re new to acupuncture, our team is eager to make you feel more comfortable by walking you through the process.

What you can expect:  Our practitioners are very personable, empathetic and experienced in whatever conditions that bring you in.  They'll walk you through the process and offer guidance and ask you questions that will more accurately determine best treatment & customized plan for you.  Our team expertly uses sterilized, very small, single use needles to treat our patients.  This is usually followed up by sitting there resting for up to 30 minutes in which most of our patients fall into a restful, almost meditative state.  Our treatment rooms are geared towards cleanliness, sanitation and deep rest and healing.  Most patients discover this process to be relaxing, resting and rewarding.


Our simple mission is to help as many people as we can to get healthy without the use of unnecessary drugs and surgeries by using the Time-Proven Medicine of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Our clinic: Driving Directions

We are conveniently located in Bellevue, WA on Bel-Red Road right off of 134th Ave NE.  We are a 3-5 minute drive from downtown Bellevue and have a spacious free parking lot for easy and parking. The clinic is run by the family of David Lin and his wife Pauline and our wonderful staff of Bellevue acupuncturists and wellness providers.  We have 8 treatment rooms, an herbal dispensary, massage rooms and an office and lobby. 

Our Primary Goal:

We aim to get to the root cause of your condition, whether that's fatigue, pain, MS, digestive issues, sleep issues, or whatever is ailing you.  We tailor our treatments specifically to you, and through the integration of acupuncture and herbal medicine we seek to balance the underlying discord and imbalances to alleviate your health issues.  In addressing and working with the underlying energy and circulatory systems of the body, the body and mind are given the space, resources and alleviation of blockages to heal itself. 

Our services include:


Herbal Medicine 



Wellness Practices

Wellness Through
Traditional Oriental Medicine

At Hope Spring Wellness in Bellevue, we believe in a holistic approach to health that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Our experienced acupuncturists create customized treatment plans to meet your needs and goals. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, support during pregnancy, a natural way to manage your weight or enhanced well-being, we are here to guide you on your journey to optimal health.

Contact Us Today!

We take major insurances and do offer a cash discount program as well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Your well-being is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you on your path to wellness.  To schedule an appointment or simply ask if your sessions may be covered by insurance simply contact us at (425)392-8881 or fill out contact information via the chat function at the bottom of the page today.

Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us

Our team of providers collectively possesses an average of 20 years of experience, ensuring you receive the highest level of expertise and care. To maintain strict hygiene standards, we exclusively use disposable acupuncture needles.


Furthermore, we prioritize cleanliness by utilizing MediCleanse for our linens and sheets. This product holds the TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification (HC) and employs EPA-registered disinfectants, guaranteeing the highest quality of sanitation.


Rest assured, all our herbal medicine products are sourced from organic origins and undergo thorough lab testing for your peace of mind.

Toy and Onesie


Acupuncture for fertility support focuses on a few main causes of infertility and addresses them through this ancient Eastern treatment.




Drip Chicken Essence provides a whole new way to improve your energy. Zero fat, zero cholesterol, full of colloid, small molecular proteins, and branched-chain amino acids to enhance health, strengthen the physique, and improve beauty too. 



Hope is found in herbs. We offer a wide range of teas, tonics, soups, and granular medicine that use all-natural herbs to enhance your health. Chat with our herbal specialist to create a custom order that supports your wellness journey.

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