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  • Why did my acupuncturists recommend herbal medicine?
    All of our acupuncturists are also trained herbalists, and are permitted to dispense herbal medicine as part of their scope of practice as licensed acupuncturists. Depending on your condition, your practitioner may recommend herbal medicine to ensure the most beneficial treatment outcome for you. Each herbal prescription is sjpecifically formulated for your condition, and compounded on-site at our facility. Taking herbal medicine daily will continue to provide therapeutic effects between your acupuncture sessions, and will generally have an additive therapeutic effect in combination with the acupuncture in working towards your treatment goals.
  • How long do I rest with needles in?
    Generally, you will rest with needles in for 30-40 minutes. While resting, we provide you with a buzzer. If you need anything adjusted during the treatment, the buzzer will alert the front desk and a staff member will be in your room shortly to attend to you.
  • Is acupuncture safe for children?
    Yes. Acupuncture is safe and effective for infants as young as a few weeks old. Most children find acupuncture very relaxing and do not have issues resting with the needles inserted. If the child is not able to rest with the needles in, our practitioners can insert needles briefly and then immediately remove them, which still can have very positive health benefits.
  • Can I take herbal medicine along with my regular medications?
    In general, yes. It is very important when filling out your intake paperwork to list ALL medications and supplements you are currently taking in order for your practitioner to safely prescribe your herbal medicine. Some specific herbs can have additive, synergistic, or antagonistic effects when taken with pharmaceutical medications. Your practitioner will tailor your herbal medicine formula taking these factors into consideration.
  • What is moxibustion?
    Moxibustion is the burning of the mugwort plant at specific points on the body for therapeutic effect. It is a warming treatment that is very effective when the body's energy needs a boost.
  • Why do they want to feel my pulse?
    Feeling the pulse is a means of assessing the function and health of the internal systems of the body in the Chinese medicine system of diagnostics. The practitioner will feel the strength, depth, rhythm and quality of the pulse at three locations near the wrist on both arms. Palpating the pulse will help inform the points they select to needle, the technique used, as well as herbs that may be recommended.
  • What should I expect for my first visit?
    During your first visit, your practitioner will discuss your chief complaint in detail, ask questions about your health history and general constitution, feel your pulse, and observe your tongue. They may also palpate areas on your body to help pinpoint the specific points they want to treat. Then they will gently insert acupuncture needles at different points in your body and let you rest. After 30-40 minutes, the practitioner will come back and remove the needles. They will discuss your treatment plan, which includes how often they would like you to follow up, how many treatments they expect it to take to help you with your chief complaint, and any dietary or lifestyle advice they feel would be helpful. If appropriate, they may suggest additional therapeutic services such as massage, moxibustion, or herbal medicine.
  • Which Insurances are accepted at this clinic?
    We are In Network with most Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Premera, Regence and Kaiser Permanente plans. Please note, some insurances offer Out of Network benefits for the same In-Network rates. We are happy to provide Superbills upon request, with everything needed to self-submit a claim for partial reimbursement of services rendered.
  • Why do they want to look at my tongue?
    Inspecting the tongue is a means of assessing the function and health of the internal systems of the body in the Chinese medicine system of diagnostics, in particular digestive health. The practitioner will inspect the color, size, moisture level and coat of the tongue, and may also ask to look at the sublingual veins underneath the tongue. Inspecting the tongue will help inform the points they select to needle, the technique used, as well as herbs that may be recommended.
  • What is the Out of Pocket rate for Acupuncture services?
    First time patients pay a cash rate of $225 for the initial exam plus treatment. Any subsequent or recurring visits are $125 per session. We also offer cash discounted package which offer 10% to 15%, simply ask our staff for more details.
  • Are there any side effects?
    The most common side effects from taking herbal medicine are mild gas and/or bloating, associated with having difficulty digesting the herbs. This can be remedied by either reducing the dosage, or taking the herbs with a small amount of food. In general, herbal medicine is much gentler on the system than pharmaceutical medications, and side effects are most often very mild in nature. It is important to keep track of how you are responding to the herbal medicine, and give your practitioner a thorough update during your follow-up visit.
  • How does acupuncture work?
    In scientific studies, acupuncture has been associated with endogenous production of endorphins, as well as initiating systemic vasodilative effects. Put simply, acupuncture can stimulate the body to naturally reduce pain, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and increase your sense of well-being.
  • Is there anything I should not do after my treatment?
    After treatment, it's best to avoid activities that are heavily stimulating for the rest of the day. This includes consuming strongly caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, very spicy foods, direct exposure to strong winds, and engaging in stressful activities.
  • How often should I receive acupuncture?
    It depends on your condition. For some acute issues, it may be recommended that you schedule 2-3 appointments per week. For other conditions it may be recommended that you visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. During your initial consultation, your practitioner will discuss a personalized treatment plan based on your condition.
  • Is acupuncture safe?
    Yes. All of our acupuncturists have undergone rigorous training, testing and licensure to ensure that our treatments are very safe. We only use disposable one-time use needles, and they are held in sterile, sealed packaging until the time of treatment.
  • What kind of education do acupuncturists have?
    Acupuncturists go through a minimum 3-year training which includes didactic coursework in addition to clinical training. In order to gain licensure in Washington State, they must pass 3 board exams. In addition, acupuncturists must pass a clean needle technique (CNT) course and hold current CPR certification.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    No. The needles used in acupuncture are about as thin as human hair. The insertion doesn't create a painful sensation like when you get a shot at the doctor's office with a thicker, hollow hypodermic needle. The stimulation from acupuncture is often described as a tingling sensation, pressure or deep achiness. Most patients find resting during a treatment profoundly relaxing.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my treatment?
    Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, including either shorts or pants that can be pulled up over the knee. Have a small meal an hour or so before arriving for your appointment. If you have medical records that are pertinent to your condition, either bring them with you or email to prior to your appointment.
  • Is there anything I should do after my treatment?
    Going for a relaxed walk, reading a book, or taking a nap are great ways to integrate the treatment.
  • What if I arrive late to my appointment?
    Your massage begins when your appointment time begins. Please plan on being at the spa a few minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork if necessary, use the restroom, and to prepare for your treatment. We understand that life happens and you may be running late. Due to the nature of our scheduling, if you arrive late, your therapist may not be able to accommodate you past your appointment time as there may be another guest scheduled right after you.
  • Do you take insurance for Massage?
    Unfortunately our office does not bill insurance for massage therapy services. You may use your HSA or FSA to pay for massage.
  • What should I expect for my massage?
    You should expect to spend a few minutes before your treatment with the therapist to discuss the treatment and the goals for your session. This is the time to explain to the therapist your complaints and preferences. After this brief intake, you will be instructed on how to lay on the table and the therapist will leave the room while you prepare. Once the therapist re enters the room, your treatment will begin.
  • I am on my period. Should I still get a massage?
    It is perfectly healthy and safe to receive a massage while you are menstruating. It is generally recommended to avoid deep tissue massage during your cycle as you may be more sensitive to pain. Having a massage while you are on your period may also cause you to bleed a bit more heavily for a day or two, but this is perfectly normal. Many women enjoy and benefit from a massage during their period.
  • Do I need to shower before my massage?
    It is preferable to take a long warm shower before your massage to relax the tissue and prepare the skin for the treatment. A relaxing shower before your session will only enhance your experience.
  • Is it ok to excersise after my massage?
    Its perfectly safe to hit the gym or work out after your massage, but we suggest you enjoy your relaxed state for a while before transitioning into a work out.
  • I woke up with a cold today. Should I still come in for my massage?
    It is preferable to stay home when you are not feeling well. Receiving a massage if you are ill can sometimes make your symptoms worse.
  • Should I take my underwear off?
    Our therapists are guided by your comfort. It is completely acceptable to be nude, and also completely acceptable for you to keep your under garments on. What is important is your comfort. Keep in mind that the state of Washington laws are written as such that if you keep clothing on, it is implied that you do not want to be touched in that area. If you would like gluteal work or hip work done, discuss this with your therapist and they will instruct you to do what is most comfortable for you and what can be done with your treatment to accommodate your personal preferences.
  • Will I receive a full 6o minutes of hands on time when I schedule a 1 hour massage?
    Each massage session is different depending on your needs. If you have filled out your intake paperwork ahead of time, your therapist will have a better understanding of your needs and will be able to get you onto the table quicker. Most massage sessions include a 2-3 minute intake to discuss your needs and preferences before your massage begins.
  • Can acupuncture help with my medical condition?
    Acupuncture has been practiced for over 3,000 years and it is very effective in treating various medical conditions even if you don't think it may be helpful. To begin your journey to health and wellness, we recommend you schedule your initial examination and treatment with our providers as soon as possible.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We are currently contracted with Regence, Premera and Aetna. Please provide your insurance information to our receptionist by calling 425-392-8881 or emailing at We will need to verify with your insurance carrier which takes about 24 business hours turnaround time.
  • Do you have any promotions going on?
    We often have promotional events going on. Please check with our receptionist to learn more about our latest promotion.
  • If I am not covered with insurance do you offer cash discounts?
    We realize not everyone is covered with insurance therefore we do have cash discounts available. Please speak to our receptionist about it as the discount varies depending on your services and frequency.
  • Can I come in today?
    If you are paying cash for services (acupuncture, massage, and esthetic services etc) you may be able to come on the same day. If you would like to use your insurance then it generally takes 24 business hours to have it verified therefore we might be able to get you in the next business day.

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