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Moxibustion or moxa in Hopespring Wellness in Bellevue


Moxibustion is the process of burning the Mugwort, or Ai Ye, on acupuncture points in order to promote health and wellbeing. Mugwort also known as the mother of all herbs, has long been recognized as one of the best herbal medicines to invigorate blood circulation and warm up the interior. It is particularly indicated for those who have chronic allergies, or those who suffer from bad circulation and have cold extremities. We have the option to add this treatment to any acupuncture session.

Mugwort may include the following benefits:


Relieving stress

Boosting energy

Improving sleep

Promoting blood circulation

Relieving headaches

Supporting liver health

Improving immunity

Easing digestion problems

Normalizing menstrual cycles

Relieving menstrual cramps

Turning breech fetal position


Just ask for the MOXA!


moxa helps to boost energy during acupuncture session at Hopespring Wellness in Bellvue
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