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Postpartum Recovery Package

Postpartum Recovery Package


At Hopespring Wellness, our postpartum recovery package has gained tremendous popularity and is renowned for its uniqueness. For nearly 20 years, we have been advocating the use of traditional herbs for postpartum care, and our approach has received high praise from mothers and respected birth professionals such as OBs, midwives, and doulas.


Postpartum is a critical phase in a woman's life, alongside menarche and menopause, where receiving medicinal herbs can have a profound impact on fine-tuning her body constitution and addressing various ailments. When approached correctly, postpartum herbal care can significantly reduce trauma, including pain, insomnia, emotional imbalances, and hormonal dysfunction.


At Hopespring Wellness, our postpartum package follows a century-old tradition, infused with a modern twist. It comprises a carefully selected combination of medicinal herbs that aid in postpartum recovery. Additionally, we provide raw herbs for making a nourishing sweet tea to be consumed daily, as well as our signature herbal tea designed to enhance the overall results of the postpartum healing process.


Whether you are an established client or new to our services, we encourage you to schedule a clinic or virtual visit between weeks 35-38 of your pregnancy. This will allow us ample time to prepare and customize your postpartum package, ensuring that it caters to your specific needs and supports a smooth transition into the postpartum phase.


Experience the benefits of our renowned postpartum recovery package at Hopespring Wellness. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with comprehensive care, utilizing the healing power of traditional herbs to optimize your postpartum journey.



    Sheng Hua Tang x 7

    Postpartum recovery herbs x 28

    100 g of Du Zhong (Eucommia bark powder) x 1



    100g Organic astragulas x 1

    454g Organic jujubes x 2

    200g Organic goji berries x 1



    Lactation Tea Blend x 2

    Calming Tea Blend x 2

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