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Microneedling Bellevue, WA

Microneedling at Hope Spring Acupuncture goes well with our signature facial acupuncture services to enhance the result. Please see below the four type of serum available to combo with your facial acupuncture session or can be done alone.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a non-invasive skin procedure in which thin needles are used to create small punctures in the top layer of your skin. This controlled damage prompts your skin to initiate its healing process, leading to increased production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins for skin firmness and smoothness.

While microneedling is commonly performed on the face, it can also be done on other areas such as the scalp to help with hair growth. Achieving desired results typically requires multiple treatment sessions.

Benefits of Microneedling:

Microneedling offers improvements in skin appearance and texture by reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and various skin concerns. Unlike certain facial rejuvenation procedures involving heat, light, or lasers, microneedling carries a lower risk of skin discoloration. This feature makes it particularly suitable for individuals with darker skin tones. 

Intomedi Serum from Korea:

The Intomedi serum, directly imported from Korea, delivers high-efficacy, premium derma cosmetics. Formulated through a fusion of advanced dermatology and cosmetics science, coupled with the expertise of our skincare professionals, it offers intensive care for various skin concerns. At Hope Spring Acupuncture, we provide the following serums during each microneedling session. Simply inform our acupuncturist of your preferred choice before your session commences.









Risks of Microneedling:

Microneedling is a safe procedure due to relatively shallow penetration we do here at Hope Spring Acupuncture , but risks may include:

  • Bruising.

  • Scarring.

  • Skin infection.

During Microneedling:

During microneedling, your acupuncturist begins by cleansing your skin and prepare for the procedure. Since here at Hope Spring Acupuncture Bellevue we only penetrate the uttermost layer of the skin at 0.5-0.7 mm therefore we do not apply numbing cream or ointment. We utilizes an electric microneedling pen  to create controlled wounds in your skin. 

During microneedling, you may experience slight warmth or a scratching sensation on your skin, and some discomfort may occur, especially around bony areas like the cheekbones. The duration of a microneedling session varies, lasting around 15- 20 minutes depending on the treatment area's size.

After microneedling, your skin may appear red a for up to a few hours. Applying an ice pack can help alleviate irritation and discomfort if necessary. While most people can resume wearing makeup the day after the procedure, it's essential to avoid sun exposure until your skin has fully healed.

How long can microneedling last: Typically, 1-2 applications can provide benefits for up to 2 months, while 3-6 applications may extend these benefits for up to 6 months. Additionally, the skin's tone, texture, firmness, and pore size can continue to improve with ongoing treatment.



  • Reduction of wrinkles and inhibition of wrinkle formation

  • Improvement in skin elasticity and facial features

  • Improvement in loose skin


Improvement in skin tone and dark circles under eyes

Improvement & prevention of Chloasma

Improvement in blemishes and freckles


  • Improvement on pore-tightening and sebum control

  • Blackhead removal

  • Improvement & prevention of Stretch Mark


  • Assist in anti-hair loss

  • Enhances hair-regrowth

  • Promotes scalp nourishment

  • Improves hair volume & density and slows the effect on aging

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Nanoneedling with Serum


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