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Barent Gordinier, 


About Me:

Barent eagerly anticipates his return to the Pacific Northwest, his place of origin, where he can share his invaluable healing skills and extensive knowledge with the vibrant HopeSpring community. Graduating with an M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine) from the esteemed Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - New York in 2012, Barent has spent the past decade embarking on a remarkable journey as a practitioner across four different countries.

Initially, Barent immersed himself in the bustling clinical and private practice scene in New York City. However, his life took a transformative turn when he wholeheartedly supported his wife's burgeoning career in the United Nations. Consequently, their adventurous path led them to serve in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Timor-Leste. These diverse duty stations exposed Barent to a multitude of geographical landscapes, environmental conditions, cultural variations, dietary practices, socioeconomic development, and the harsh realities of war. Notably, in regions such as Timor-Leste, where healthcare resources were scarce, Barent played a vital role as a primary and preventative health resource for the community.


Ironically, despite the geographical disparities Barent encountered, his patients consistently grappled with the common afflictions of modern life. The pressures of stress, insomnia, depression, exhaustion, and musculoskeletal imbalances from sedentary desk jobs plagued numerous individuals seeking his assistance. In response, Barent expertly employed various healing modalities including acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, dietary guidance, and guided meditation. These interventions served to dismantle the energetic blockages within his patients' bodies, empowering them to reclaim a state of robust health and resilience.


Barent's exceptional expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of conditions. Notably, he adeptly addresses anxiety, depression, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, post-stroke recovery, post-Covid complications, menstrual and menopausal irregularities, infertility, skin and autoimmune conditions, frozen shoulder, sciatica, migraines, Bell's palsy, acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, as well as scar therapy. With an unwavering commitment to his patients' well-being, Barent stands as a beacon of healing, offering hope and solace through his remarkable skills and profound understanding of the human body.

• Pacific College or Oriental Medicine 2012 with M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine


Other Languages Spoken:
• Russian
• Portuguese

In-Network Insurance Plans:

Regence and Premera (Cigna soon) 

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