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Naomi Watabe-Taylor,



Naomi graduated from the Euro Institute of Skincare in 2021. She received her certification from the National Coalition of Estheticians Association, attaining the highest skin care credential available in the United States. While at the Euro Institute, Naomi became certified in Oncology Esthetics as well. After graduating from the Institute she did an apprenticeship at a private practice of skin care.

"I have always been interested in the Healthcare industry. After I graduated from Meikai University I joined GE Healthcare in Tokyo where I gained an understanding of how the Japanese medical system and the American medical system are interconnected. I was searching for ways to help others and so I moved back to the United States. I worked in retail and fine jewelry but it was not fulfilling. After more exploration and searching I decided to become a certified Medical Assistant. This certification gave me an opportunity to work at a local hospital and to gain further understanding of the Western Medicine approach - what I found is that typically,

it's a quick fix solution, often addressing symptoms but not the root cause. I reflected on this and contrasted it with my understanding of the ways of Eastern Medicine, and how the goals of Eastern Medicine are focused on holistic health, addressing root causes, while treating symptoms but they take longer.


That's why I joined HopeSpring Wellness.


I am looking forward to beginning your Beauty Journey together!"


Japanese/ English

Education / Certification:

• BA of Economics - Meikai University
• Certified Medical Assistant - CM61121353 ( Issued by Washington State Department of Health)
• AAMA - 611722 (Issued by American Association of Medical Assistants Inc.)
• RMA - 2920668 (Issued by The American Medical Technologists (AMT))
• Esthetician - 21031489 (Issued by Washington State Department of Health)
• Oncology Esthetics (Issued by Oncology Spa Solutions® )
• Suger Of Neil ( sugring )
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage
• Chemical Peel
• BT Micro & BT Sonic (Issued by Bio- Therapeutic)
• LED light therapy (Issued by LightStim )
• Skin Disorders I & II
• First Aid/CPR/AED/BBP
• Milady RISE


• European Facial
• Hydrafacial
• High Frequency
• Lucas Championniere
• Microneedling
• Microcurrent
• LED light therapy
• Facial Cupping
• Kneipp Therapy
• Nanobrasion (needling)
• Peels
• Body Detoxification(scrubs and wraps)
• Ayurveda treatments
• Sugaring / Waxing

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