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30-40% of Adults Have Symptoms of

Insomnia Each Year*

*According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health

Insomnia is more than tossing and turning or inability to go to sleep early. Its effects are more debilitating than commonly recognized. An estimated 32 million people suffer from insomnia in the U.S. Insomnia refers to difficulty sleeping or sleeping unsatisfactorily. This difficulty includes:

  • Not being able to sleep at all

  • Trouble getting to sleep

  • Waking up in the night with difficulty returning to sleep

  • Unrefreshing sleep 

  • Waking up too early in the morning.

The problem might last a short while and be the result of some situational factor such as anxiety over a big event. 

If insomnia persists and the loss of sleep begins to interfere with a person’s ability to function during the day, the condition could require professional treatment. People with insomnia can experience fatigue, lack of energy, morning headaches, poor concentration, loss of productivity and irritability.


How Pain Affects Sleep:


If physical pain or discomfort is a factor in the inability to fall asleep, don’t put up with it. Acupuncture has proven successful in treating pain associated with arthritis and many other physical conditions.

What Acupuncture Can Do For Your Sleep:

Oriental medicine, with its focus on healing whole systems rather than individual symptoms, has shown great success in treating those who experience insomnia.


Acupuncture has a calming effect on the nervous system. It clears obstructions in the muscle and nerve channels, facilitates the flow of oxygen-enriched energy and relaxes the system. Common noted benefits of acupuncture include deeper breathing, improved digestive abilities, better sleeping patterns, decrease in various pains and a general sense of well being, which are all excellent treatments for insomnia.

General acupuncture protocol for the treatment of chronic insomnia includes 10 initial treatments at two to three treatments per week, followed by a two to four week observational period and possibly one treatment per week.


Insomnia should not dictate when or for how long you sleep. It can be frustrating and scary when any disease or disorder takes away control. Oriental medicine will lead you back to a place of balance and calm, giving you the power to lay insomnia to rest.


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