How Acupuncture and Herbs can Help:

Our goal is to provide safe, natural pediatric care – combining the best of Western medicine with Eastern medicine principles. We seek to avoid drugs and surgery, unless necessary, and treat the root cause of your child’s condition with natural medicine.


At HopeSpring Wellness, our practitioners view eczema as a systemic problem of the gut and immune system. Often, eczema comes in a triad alongside asthma and allergies. Strategies for treatment include modulating the immune system with various natural supplements. Treatment may involve supplements and modifications to the child’s and (if nursing) the mother’s diet.


Traditional therapies, like steroid creams, suppress symptoms and do nothing to cure the underlying problem. Symptoms that are suppressed temporarily flare once the treatment is stopped. Steroid creams are based on the cortisol molecule, a natural hormone found in the body. However, steroid creams absorb into the body systemically and change your child’s hormonal makeup. Changes in cortisol levels may change blood sugar balance, fat distribution, and energy levels.

Natural solutions to treat the gastrointestinal tract and immune system work far better in the long term than pharmaceuticals for reducing or eliminating your child’s eczema.

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We offer customized acupuncture treatment at our clinic. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a quiet, relaxing environment to ensure our patients receive the best treatment.