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BrioViva Drip Chicken Essence 比歐滴雞精

BrioViva Drip Chicken Essence 比歐滴雞精


This amazing drip chicken essence has absolutely zero fat, zero cholesterol, full of colloid, small molecular proteins, and branched chain amino acids enhance health, strengthen the physique, and improve beauty. Unlike many other similar products which cook the chicken in the form of a broth, BrioViva Taiwan drip chicken essence follows the tradition of steaming the chicken and collecting a small amount of extract at the end. 


BrioViva Taiwan drip chicken essence may be beneficial for the following:

  • -Fertility support
  • -Expectant and postpartum moms 
  • -Children in the developmental phase. 
  • -Recovering from illness or surgery
  • -Overall support for the elderly
  • -Improving athletic performance 
  • -Anxiety and stress
  • -weaker body constitution


Item details:

-Taiwan chicken consomme (60ml per packets)

-Ingredients:Chicken meat extract

-Total net weight:60ml * 8 packets

-Preservation:Keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.

-Place of Origin: Taiwan

-Shelf-time: 24 months at Room Temperature

-Best before: Marked on packing

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