Mother and Baby


Why Is the Postpartum Period
So Important?

Do you know just how important your first three months with your baby can be for your health? Acupuncture for postpartum support offers new mothers the opportunity to restore health and secure future wellness, ensuring that you’ll be ready for a lifetime of loving and caring for your child.

The postpartum period, which is the six weeks after childbirth, before your first checkup with your healthcare provider, is a time of recovery and bonding. How you approach these crucial weeks can have a drastic impact on your health for the rest of your life.

Acupuncture for postpartum support can help you maximize the benefits of this period by promoting a full recovery from the birthing experience and good health going forward. In traditional Chinese medicine, the 1-3 months after birth are known as the “Golden Month(s).” Across many Asian cultures, new mothers are encouraged to focus on recovery by resting and bonding with their babies during these months. Introducing acupuncture can enhance the benefits of the Golden Months, even helping eliminate past diseases or deficiencies.

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

What Is Acupuncture for Postpartum Support?


Acupuncture has been practiced since around 2000 BCE and focuses on restoring the proper flow of “Qi,” or life energy, which exists throughout the body. Based on the belief that imbalance causes pain and disease, acupuncture uses needles to redirect energy along the meridians, or energy pathways, of your body and restore balance.

Acupuncture for postpartum support can help women who feel drained and exhausted from childbirth to recover their health, energy, and well-being during the first few weeks of motherhood. This treatment focuses on aiding your transition to motherhood through re-balancing life energy. Good postpartum care focuses on the physical, emotional, and psychological recovery of the mother, enabling her to feel more prepared and confident in caring for her new baby.

Although the weeks after birth are busy, and adding another appointment to your calendar can seem overwhelming, a postpartum acupuncture treatment can greatly aid in the restoration of your body and encourage good health for years to come.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

At HopeSpring Wellness, we offer the first Postpartum Recovery Wellness Program in the Pacific Northwest. Our program includes workshops, acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine, specialized natural supplements, and imported postpartum body re-contouring products.

New mothers who participate in the program are able to heal physically, emotionally, and psychologically, opening the door for true thriving even after the postpartum period. Best of all, because your health is intrinsically linked to your baby’s health, this program promotes mother-baby bonding by ensuring that you are present and prepared to care for your baby.

Mother and Baby