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Amazing Celestial Patch/San Fu Tie to improve your overall health if you live in Seattle

Have you noticed that living in Seattle often leads to cold hands and feet, mental weakness, fatigue, and digestive issues accompanied by asthma and allergies? These conditions can even affect the quality of your sleep and may lead to various discomforts and suboptimal health conditions such as infertility and the possibility of autoimmune diseases. So, how can you effectively alleviate these discomforts, maintain your health, and even improve your overall well-being?

In the context of feng shui, the northwest region of the United States, including Seattle, possesses the characteristics of "Metal element gives rise to the Water element." Since Metal is already cold, the presence of Water exacerbates the situation. For individuals of Asian descent or those who consume Asian cuisine, their bodies tend to be in a balanced state. However, residing in the cold environment of Seattle can easily lead to further internal coldness. At such times, it may be beneficial to consider Traditional Chinese Medicine Celestial Patches or traditionally known as San Fu Tie (三伏貼).

Traditional Chinese Medicine Celestial Patches are derived from traditional Chinese medicine to improve your constitution. These patches are made from natural herbal ingredients and are applied to specific acupoints on the body. The term "San Fu" refers to the hottest three days of the year when these patches are applied to acupoints along the bladder meridian and governor vessel on the back, such as Da Zhui, Feishu, Pishu, and Shenshu. These patches consist of a mixture of herbs such as Gan Sui, Xi Xin, Bai Jie Zi, Gan Jiang, and Rou Gui. The medicinal properties enter the body through the acupoints, travel along the meridians to the relevant organs, promote the circulation of Qi and blood, and enhance immune function. If the treatment is continued for three years or longer, it can effectively alleviate symptoms caused by allergies without any side effects. The Taiwan Chinese Medical Association's research has found that during the first year of applying Three Fu Patches, up to 60% of patients experience improvement in their symptoms. Reports from China indicate that after three years, the effectiveness reaches approximately 80%, with the best improvement observed in coughing associated with asthma.


Considering everyone's schedule, our clinic offers flexible times for applying the Three Fu Patches. Simply come and apply the patches once a week between 07/11/23 and 08/05/23.

Suitable for

  1. Allergy-prone individuals, such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, and atopic dermatitis.

  2. Individuals with weak constitutions, such as those frequently experiencing colds, having cold hands and feet or aversion to cold during winter, and infertility.

  3. Individuals with chronic symptoms, such as chronic gastritis, chronic bronchitis, long-term diarrhea, long-term menstrual pain, chronic fatigue, and frequent soreness in old injuries.


Children under one-year-old, pregnant women, individuals with severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency, those who develop large blisters from short-term application, individuals with fever and throat inflammation, and individuals with skin injuries or allergies to medications, are not suitable for this method.


To enhance the results, avoid consuming cold foods on the day of application. The patches should not be left on for too long. We recommend 2 hours for adults and one hour for children. If you experience a burning sensation on the skin within the designated time, remove the patches immediately. During the application of Patches, if you experience itching, redness, or blistering on the skin, it may indicate a personal allergic reaction to the herbal medication. In such cases, remove the patches immediately and apply petroleum jelly or burn ointment to the affected area.

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