Laser Acupuncture offers a great alternative to traditional acupuncture especially among younger children and sensitive types in which the regular needles are not suitable. Instead of using acupuncture needles, we use the industry’s best laser probe to administer low-level laser onto acupuncture points to treat various medical ailments. Our laser probe is a Class IIIb laser device that is very safe to use on the skin. There’s no needling sensation when applied and since the laser beam is pulsed, usually no heat sensation can be felt. It is extremely safe for younger children to experience their first acupuncture sessions without the fear of ‘getting shots’.

LLLT or Lower Level Laser Therapy has been researched and applied medically for over three decades. It is now a relatively new alternative to regular acupuncture therapy until recent years. Due to its many advantages including painless sensation during the session as well as its clinical efficacy, it has gradually gained more and more popularity in Asian and European countries.