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All our facials feature Environ Skincare products. Environ uses a beautiful combination of technology and nature to create powerful formulas that will create visible, positive change in your skin and restore balance to the functionality of the skin. Environ’s skin care line is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and is a scent free luxury medical line.


Recommended for: Anti-aging, Acne, Dehydration, and Hyperpigmentation.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes



The HydraFacial uses the highest quality technology to exfoliate, extract, & hydrate. This treatment is safe and recommended for any skin type or concern. Antioxidant serums and peptides nourish your skin for a beautiful, healthy glow. Your skin will be red-carpet-ready or for any event immediately after this treatment.


Recommended for: Active acne, Overall rejuvenation, Fine lines and wrinkles, Enlarged pores.



Optional Enhancements:

Available for either HydraFacial or Environ Facials for
60 or 90 minute services.

Derma-lac and A, C and E oil 


Sugar scrub (Either feet or hands) 


Cupping or Gua Sha


Body Peel (Either: Back, Hands, or Chest)


30 Minutes


60 Minutes
*includes lymphatic cupping



Available for Environ Facial 60 or 90 minute services.

Intomedi Custom Ampules

How it works:

  • Come in for a 60 or 90 minute HydraFacial or Environ Facial.

  • We will apply the first dose of serum.

  • You take home the rest of the ampule to continue to treat for the next 4 days at home for continued success.*

  • Home care and product usage instructions will be provided after the service is complete.*


*Take home option available for $75
*One time in-spa application available for $30

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